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5 stories in 2 minutes

July 14, 2009
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Mica-Tech uses satellites

to manage substations:  Mica-Tech will apply for $2 million in federal grants to develop a satellite-based control system for electric utility substations.  If approved by the DOE, the grant would cover half of the projected $4 million in developmental costs.  The funds are to come from the Smart Grid Investment Grant program.  Camarillo, Calif-based Mica-Tech, a subsidiary of AML Communications designed its first-generation system for monitoring and controlling power grids in California 10 years ago.


HomeGrid teams with

smart home group:  The ITU-T G.hn-promoting HomeGrid Forum signed a liaison agreement with the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), setting the stage for collaboration between the two groups and the approval of G.hn as a DLNA-recognized physical layer technology for the next-generation of home networking products.  DLNA and the organization's interoperability guidelines are recognized throughout the smart home industry for successfully uniting various consumer electronics, personal computer and mobile device technologies and standards into a cohesive home networking environment.


Ecobee releases ZigBee-

using thermostats:  Ecobee, an award-winning green technology firm received ZigBee Smart Energy certification for its new Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat.  Users can change the temperature remotely from anywhere, said the firm, and the device will now be able to support utility DR programs. 


Bowling Green, Ohio

installs smart meters:  Remote meter reading is coming to the city of Bowling Green, Ohio as the city is set to start this week installing a two-way automated communication system on electric and water meters, the Toledo Blade reported on its website yesterday (www.smartgridtoday.com/snip/145.htm).


Power Tree flywheels

could store 30 gw:  Power Tree started building the fourth version of its commercial power storage device, meant to cost effectively and efficiently store up to 30 gw, the firm told the press yesterday.  It expects the updated flywheel-based device to be ready for commercial use in December.  The device could end up helping utilities as they pursue wind and solar.  Both renewables are considered inhibited by the state of storage technology.  "Power Tree's next generation system is designed to deliver grid-scale electricity storage in a manner more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly than any other technology currently available," Power Tree CEO Greg Stuart said in a prepared statement.

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